Post Weight Loss

Frequently performed after significant weight loss, body-part lifting involves the removal of extra skin and fatty tissue through procedures designed to improve contours while hiding the necessary incisions in the best locations possible. These procedures are most commonly performed under general anesthesia and may require a short hospital stay. Lifts of this nature are necessary when the skin no longer has its original resiliency and smoothness and has lost significant elasticity; they are also performed when the removal of fat alone (such as with liposuction) would result in wavy and rippling skin contours. The trade-off with these types of operations is a longer surgical mark for a more pleasing overall shape and form. Body lifts are individualized to the specific problem area, and recovery periods vary accordingly.


“Dr. Clark, you are definitely in the miracle-working business. I am thrilled with my results and would have my surgery again in a heartbeat. Now I find myself smiling all the time. My confidence has grown. I’ve got a new lease on life. Thank you.”
Nora, Niceville, FL