Fort Walton Beach Medical Tourism for Cosmetic Surgery

Fort Walton beach is your destination for coastal paradise. Here at Bluewater Plastic Surgery, we are your closest stop for a full range of cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Clark and his certified team.

Surrounded by the Okaloosa and Destin areas, Fort Walton is nestled in the heart of the Emerald Coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Its beautiful sandy white beaches and crisp emerald green waters make it the perfect area to relax. Look no further for a better vacation spot while you go “under the scalpel” and recover from your procedure! Bluewater Plastic Surgery is your closest stop for remarkable care and will help make every consultation and procedure as easy as a day in the sun.

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Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a “nose-job”, is an extremely common procedure. It is also a very popular procedure for people in the beautiful Fort Walton area. Many of our patients come from surrounding counties, or even fly across states to experience our top notch rhinoplasty care and enjoy the surrounding sights while they’re here. Our nasal refinement surgery is performed to correct a multitude of different issues. Individual goals are developed based on patient desires, anatomy, ethnicity and gender. If you’re considering a medical-tourism vacation, consider scenic Fort Walton Beach and Bluewater Plastic Surgery.


Breast augmentation is the number one procedure performed in the United States. When a woman desires a fuller, more feminine shape to her breasts, whether it is after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, you can treat yourself to a breast augmentation procedure that will restore your attractive and fit figure. With the year-round beaches, breast augmentation helps women in Fort Walton feel confident in the sand. Various improved methods of post-surgical discomfort control are utilized to allow for a smooth recovery and quicker return to normal activity like enjoying the scenic beaches. People from around the world visit Fort Walton for Dr. Clark’s renowned care, and to see Okaloosa Island or the Gulfariam Adventure Marine Park.


At Bluewater Plastic Surgery, our team implements Ultrasonic assisted liposuction which is complementary to traditional liposuction as an adjunct. Most experts, including Dr. Clark, agree that it enhances body contouring results. Because of the way we perform liposuction here at Bluewater, clients from around the world have trusted our team to take care of them, even during their vacations to the Fort Walton area. Liposuction procedures can even help improve areas resistant to diet and exercise such as the breasts, upper arms, calves and knees; which means you don’t have to wait for your beach-ready body. These outpatient procedures require minimal downtime, making sure you can get right back to spending all day by the beautiful water.


Contact the team at Bluewater Plastic Surgery today about booking your procedure while you stay in the gorgeous Fort Walton area. Don’t miss out on the comfort of the Okaloosa sun on your skin, and the in-person experience of the beautiful emerald green waters. Dr. Clark and his team of experts is your closest stop in Fort Walton for the best service in all the surrounding areas.