Midface/Cheek Lift


Cheek fullness, or volume of the mid-face, is an essential component for an attractive, youthful appearance. Due to the aging process, the fat pad that normally drapes over the cheekbones begins to sag and lose volume. This changes the shape of the face by creating less prominent cheekbones, a hollowed appearance under the eyes, a deep laugh-line between the nose and lip, also known as a nasolabial fold, and jowls in the lower cheek. A cheek or mid-facelift can be performed either alone or in combination with a brow-lift to improve the upper face; it can also be combined with a lower facelift to improve the appearance of the neck and jowls. The cheek tissue is re-suspended over the cheek bone to restore a more prominent, youthful contour, improve the tear trough and the lower lid region while adding volume to the cheek. This procedure has very natural results.

Dr. Clark, a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with additional residency training in Maxillofacial surgery, uses minimally invasive cheek and midface techniques with limited incisions.