UAL (Ultrasonic assisted liposuction) complements traditional liposuction, as an adjunct. Most experts, including me, agree that it enhances body contouring results by shaping areas with a greater yield of fat, and producing greater skin tightening and retraction. The sound waves on the end of the ultrasonic cannula cause the fat to liquefy allowing for controlled shaping of the area. It is my opinion and it is well documented in the literature that ultrasonic liposuction advantages include better fat yield and body shaping, less bruising in fibrous areas, facilitates treatment areas with fibrous fat (trunk, gynecomastia), less blood loss and less trauma to tissues particularly when performing large volume aspirations. I use ultrasonic liposuction combined with traditional liposuction for all body contouring procedures

Various techniques of fat removal can be utilized to improve the shape of the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttock area, chin and neck line, and even the breasts, upper arms, calves, and knees, when fat in these areas is resistant to diet and exercise. These techniques involve the careful aspiration of fat through slim, hollow tubing specifically designed to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissue and skin. Once the internal contours are improved, compression garments are used to help the skin contract uniformly and smoothly. These outpatient procedures require minimal lost time from activities and social events.


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