Lip Augmentation

There are a variety of ways to improve the appearance of your lips. Some may reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as give volume to the lips, this may include injections. Most people recover from injections within a day or two. If you choose surgical implants or grafts it may be 1-2 weeks before you are feeling comfortable.

Permanent lip Enhancement
PermaLip™ Destin

In addition to using hyaluronic acids (Juvéderm, Belotero and Volbella) facial fillers to augment the lip, Dr. Clark uses a product called PermaLip for those who prefer permanent lip augmentation. PermaLip feels soft and looks natural. Dr. Clark is a board-certified plastic surgeon and dually trained as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with extensive lip surgery experience.

If you want fuller, bigger lips without repeated injections every 6-12 months, request a consultation with Dr. Clark today.

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How is the PermaLip procedure performed?

PermaLip can be performed in the office with Dental Block anesthesia, which offers a quicker recovery for Dr. Clark’s patients. A pair of small incisions hidden within the mouth will be used to place and position the implant. In most cases, absorbable sutures will be used.

“I always strive to achieve results that enhance each person’s individuality and uniqueness. I aim for a sense of personal harmony, culminating in patients who still look themselves – only better!”
– Dr. Clark

PermaLip implant options

You control the volume – implants are available in a variety of sizes. After consultation with Dr. Clark, the size and length of the implants to meet your goals will be determined. Most patients choose both lower and upper lip implants, but in some cases patients opt for enhancing the volume of only one lip.

What is the PermaLip implant?

PermaLip is a soft, natural appearing silicone implant. The implant is designed to be placed along the entire length of the lip. The implant is contoured to match the natural appearance of the lips, and tapers to each edge.

Who is a good candidate for PermaLip

Most PermaLip patients have experienced lip enhancement with a dermal filler, like Juvéderm. While they have enjoyed the results, the treatment must be repeated every 6-12 months to sustain the result. PermaLip allows these patients to achieve similar volume enhancing results permanently.

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